Important information related to Customs Procedures:


      Only 3 mobile phones are allowed per person per year and each phone must be in a sperate shipment.

      Only 1 food supplement pack containing 90 capsules is allowed per person or what is equivalent to 3 months consumption or one 2 kg. pack and it will be subject to pharmaceutical approval to guarantee that it meets the medical specifications.

      When a shipment contains pharmaceutical products such as food supplements or cosmetics, even if different items, that exceed 2 kg, it will be presented for inspection by the unified logistics service, because the shipment has exceeded the limit for personal use, and it may not be released completely, and this is subject to the governmental authoritiesí decision.

      Any food supplement, powder in form, regardless of its weight, will be subject to approval from the food safety authority through the unified logistics service.

      The customs authorities can anytime subject any product for inspection through the unified logistics service.

      Customs authorities sometimes reevaluates the price of products.

      The ID or Passport must be valid during shipping and till the shipment arrives.

      The receiverís name must be identical to the ID/Passport name.

      We perform all the customs clearance and delivery service on your behalf. In case you request to perform the customs clearance process yourself, we will no longer be responsible, and it will become your personal responsibility.

      In case you decide to discard part of your shipment, it will be confiscated by the customs authorities, and it cannot be reclaimed after that.

      Some products need to present to "General Security", which requires the customer to personally attend to finish the procedures, upon the request of the authority.

      Precious products such as "gold, silver and precious stones" require the presence of the customer to complete the procedures himself, according to the instructions of the Egyptian customs.

      Changing the shipping address "the addressee" after the shipment request is not permitted, so the shipment is delivered only to the person whose name is attached to the box at the address listed in the shipping request.


*The unified logistics service is a customs service subject to the Egyptian Customs Authority, which fulfills all regulatory requirements related to the release of goods.